How to make inline "read more" button (like in facebook posts)?

Hi everyone,
I want the button to be in the same line with the text (last line of the text) like in facebook posts, I don’t want separated text elements and button element, someone told me that this can be achived using expression builder, groups, and conditionals. but I didn’t understand what he mean, hope some one know.

When text’s number of characters > [character limit] and state expanded is no, text = Arbitrary text ( Parent group’s text:truncated to [character limit]… Read more)

When that condition is true and text is clicked, set expanded to yes. When state expanded is yes, text = Parent group’s text

In this way is there a way to affect Read more when it hovered in isolation from the rest of the text (I mean not when the whole text is hovered)?

I don’t think you can do this with a Bubble text element, but it should be fairly simple to do with html.

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