How to make it do a search for over and over again as the data changes?

What I want to do is I want to go through different cells in the data. So, every time we see a specific bit of data, I say “doneYet = yes” because we have seen it. All the data that we have not seen is when “doneYet = no”, where we haven’t seen that part of the data.

My text is set to do a search for the data table’s question’s first item that is not doneYet.
So, when I have seen it, I click a button (it says that data is now yes to doneYet). However, the text is still having the same data, even though it is not doneYet=no anymore, now it is doneYet=yes so it shouldn’t show the piece of data anymore.

How do I make sure it does a new “do a search for” when the data has changed?

Have you considered using a repeating group that displays only one row?

Bubble by default works with a real time database, so if you updated a thing’s status your text element will show a new one automatically. Can you confirm the thing you are changing is actually the one you’re looking at? It’s possible the searches are slightly different (maybe different constraints or sorting)

To ensure you’re changing the same thing you’re looking at, have a group with the datasource Search for CivicsQuestionss:first item , text element inside displaying the text field, then your button just makes changes to the Group's CivicsQuestions

Or put the button inside the group too and just change the Parent group's CivicsQuestions

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