How to make log out in the app?

Does anyone know how to do log out in application?

There must be a log out option . And when you log out , you need to be redirected on login page ?

I would love if someone can help . Thanks a lot guys :heart:

Hi there, @Joker9… there is a workflow action to log a user out, and you can find it here.

You can then add a second action (Go to page…) that takes the user to the login page.


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Can’t believe it , you are awesome … I just need to make an button first , right ?

You can attach the workflow to a button or an icon or whatever works best for the UX of your app.

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Can you maybe help me also with reseting the password . What should I do … I already have an page to reset password … but I dont know how to make it funcional . Thanks

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How I can activate this now ?

Use the Reset password workflow action when the Confirm button is clicked.

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yes I did that and what I have to do next ? what is the step one ?

only reset password ?

what is the confirmation ?

You can add another action to the workflow to confirm the reset with an email or an alert or whatever.

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Looks like something is wrong . Do you maybe know what ?

It’s not that action… you can use the Send email action, which I showed you in another one of your threads.

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okey , what is wrong with password ? … Why it says , please enter a password ? … when I wrote new password it wasnt changed . Do you maybe know where is the problem ?


Maybe you weren’t able to reference to the inputs?

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I love you guys … yes i didnt do that . Thanks a lot !

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OMG , Its working now … how can I repay you guys … ?

No need to repay us!

If you’re building on Bubble, the forum is your best friend! Even when you’re still starting out or even when you are at a professional level, people will still help you out :smiley:

Looking forward to the awesome things you’ll be building soon :muscle:

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Thank you so so much … I am very very green in … But I am learning every day more and more … And I am really happy that people are like this on this site … I truly can’t believe .
I have many many questions ,but I feel shy to ask everything what i dont know , because I feel annoying than :blush:

Really a lot a lot of thanks . And when I will be able to help to others , I will do the same like you guys … you are all saving my life ! :heart:

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