How to make operations without saving into the database?

Hi everyone,

I need to sum the values in the underlined column, but it seems that I need to save everyone of them into the database to get it.

The problem is that for my app is very important to get each line information dynamically from each product in the database that is used in that table element, so I can’t not save the information without this Table Element.

Is there any way to get this done?

Many thanks for considering my request.

If they aren’t in the database already, how is that shown on screen? Manually typed in a table or is that result of an API call?

Hi Tyler,

Is an input operation as follows:

Yea Bubble still can’t do this even in 2024… Your best bet would be to setup autobinding or a “When an input’s value changes” event so it updates the database when the user changes the value. Then calculate total off of that data… Assuming each of your rows are a thing in your database


Well, I do appreciate your time Tyler.


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Or there might be a plugin or a custom one could be made to store temporary values like “fake database things” in a plugin element :thinking::thinking::thinking: then calculate off of that. Like a local database on page :thinking: