How to make OTP input like this?

i want to make OTP input like this so that it can access it. How can i make dash width like this.

What is “OTP”?

One time password, I would assume.

To do this, just set focus to the next input in the list; though it’s not the best approach as you have to unfocus the current input, the longer but smoother way to do it would be to use states and await an input change using conditionals on each input.

Reference picture for setting focus

Ah. Well I’m sure my interpretation as “Over The Pussy” is equally likely. I can’t help with the password version, but I could help with the other one.

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OTP is one time password, i just need input should look like what i have shared(img). @newhorizoncode

Follow this

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Just change the styling of the input …

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