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How to make our page responsive?

Hello everyone, i just started and i have asked myself on "how we can do a responsive page first ? Because i cannot create a good website with this BIG problem. So how can we do it ? i searched and unfortunately there are too many parameters, i cannot understand. Please help me i really need this. Also, i want to “lock” the responsiveness for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. How we do that ? Thank you very much and if you can, please show me pictures or tutorial video

You can check out youtube videos and Bubble videos on responsiveness to learn it.

I have a playlist from 14 months ago that does the basics.

That is one the best parts about how flexible it is to allow us to design almost anything.

So, for all device types you want to ‘lock’ responsiveness, which means what exactly. If I interpret ‘lock’ as make it so it is ‘fixed’ then you are not enabling responsiveness. But if you want to ‘lock’ in the sense that they are all responsive, then you simple need to build the page to be responsive.