How to make pending and available earning flow like upwork

hi everyone, im struggle to make system pending and available earning flow in my bubble apps. its similar exactly like on upwork but more simple.

the idea is when seller already/finish do a service they will get the pending fee and after few days the funds will be available to withdraw to seller stripe account.

i want when service is done and the service fee (before app fee) to be display here. (so far i get the the result by use do a search transaction amount : sum)

and after few days it will available here

in this step i use (do a search transaction (amount)) - (do a search transaction (fee)).

how the better way to make that flow?
im not sure my flow is work well, and i think i use to many ‘do a search’ for calculation, im afraid it will affect for my loading page.

thank you in advance.

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