How to make "special" list?

How can i create a database that is for example “colours” and there are 5 colours. Red, Blue, Green, White, Black.

Once a user is logged in the user can guess a colour that no other user has guessed.

User1 guessed colour RED, RED was available and RED has been added to User1s account. However, here comes User2 and is guessing RED, User2 will recive a message saying “RED has already been guessed by another user, please guess again”
User2 then guessed GREEN and GREEN was avalibale and has been added to User2s account, and so on.

Hope you understand my question ahah!

maybe just delete the color from the list of colors


do a search for users and constrain color and if the count is greater than or equal to 1 show the message

hmm okey!

i’m brand new to Bubble so i know little to nothing haha!