How to make Sponsored/Promoted Listing in a Marketplace/Job Search app?

Hi guys,

Not sure it has been asked before or if it’s possible with bubble I just can’t figure that out, but we’re planning on doing a job search app for a certain group, and one of the thing this app should have for users to highlight their listings for a small fee so that it would appear at the beginning of the search result. Can a RG handle that? To have the featured/sponsored listing at the beginning, and the rest, however the user wish to display (older-newer, alphabetically etc.)

Something like this:

Hey @petersas,

This is very much possible in Bubble. Check out the templates below:

By Nocodeassistant

By @ZeroqodeSupport

By @eddy

Another one by @ZeroqodeSupport

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Thank you for the links I’ll check them out :pray:

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