How to make sure loading spinner runs FIRST before other steps?

This question has been asked before but I didn’t see any answers so far.

My workflow has many backend steps which Bubble will process first, before processing frontend steps. So my spinner always shows up 3-5 seconds after a button click, which doesn’t make sense.

How to make the spinner show up the FIRST THING immediately upon a button click?

  • No, adding a pause step does NOT work
  • Putting all the other steps in a Custom Event also does NOT work

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Does putting the Show Group Load Spinner as the First Step work?

The fact that there is a step before it, would be reason for it to not show immediately after a button click. Also that first step has some conditionals that need to be evaluated which will cause a delay.

Your second step to show the spinner doesn’t have a conditional, which would make it seem like it is not dependent on a condition and should always show, so no reason not to put it in first position.


Hide the spinner inside the Event :wink:

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if above doesnt work:
have 2 custom events and a state type number whose default state is 0

in button workflow have: run custom event 1 only when state is 1 and run custom event 2 only when state is 2.

in custom event 1, show the loading spinner and set state to 1.
in custom event 2, do all workflows and set state to 2 and hide spinner again

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Thanks I almost thought your answer was a joke until I tried it :joy:

Apparently putting the spinner as the 1st step works! Then I put the condition at the top of the workflow instead.

I didn’t know there’s a big difference between 1st and 2nd steps :sweat_smile: Thanks all again!

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Workflow actions run sequentially, so sequencing does matter when putting together a series of actions. Glad it worked out for you.


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