How to make the selection from dropdown not reset my list?

I’m looking to add the selection from my dropdown input to the list I’ve created. When the user selects a new input on the dropdown it completely resets the list leaving only the new input selected. How can I get the dropdown to only update it’s entry?
I’ve listed my filter and workflow below, along with a link to the preview.

Hey @PapaBearClaw :slight_smile: I think the app may be set to private, could you temporarily set it to public?

At first glance, the :filtered option is making it seem like the list is reset. For example, the value of that custom state is the current custom state list plus the dropdown value, but then “:filtered” part removes any value in the list that does not match the dropdown value, and where the price is less than or equal to 1. If you remove the filtered option, that will only add the Dropdown value to the custom state list.

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