How to make the set-up

Hey Bubblers!

I’m currently working on an application for IOS and Android for an Construction Management company where they’re having an 10 step working-method which they’re now putting in Excel after they’ve made pictures and notes etc.

We’re willing to simplify this by adding an 10 steps procedure where they need to be able to place multiple pictures (opening camera) and need to be stored somehow in they’re database in order to view and edit them.

Also It’ll be a very cool feature to add the outcome automatically in an Excel-file where they have a template for.

There is no rush for it but the sooner, the better :wink:

I’m working with Bubble now multiple months and made myself an beautiful dashboard which we’re using for it.

any tips of how to make an 10-steps procedure are welcome!

Currently stuck at the point of how to switch between the steps, do I need to make 10 pages or maybe just in 1 page?

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