How to make the width of the inner cells of a repeating group responsive?

Hi Bubblers! Thanks for everyone who’s helped me to get to this point, I finally created a reorder words type of quiz, but my only problem right now is the responsiveness of what’s inside the repeating groups, I would like to every cell to adapt the its element width, because at this moment there’s very big gaps between words, I’ll attach pictures so you know what I mean, the only responsive controls that I see are for the repeating group in general but not the their inner cells, any solution or workaround?

To make the inner cell responsive, you can do this:

Just don’t use “fixed” as a cell’s container layout. As for the gaps between the cells, you can customize them at the appearance tab. Basically, you’d have to do some math between the appearance tab settings and the layout settings to achieve the perfect width and length for the cells. Let me know if you have any other questions

That helped me, thank you so much. I also change put mins and maxs width to the repeating group, but what made it better was the fit width to content of the repeating group

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Glad to help out. Happy Bubbling!

Now I’m facing another issue, the solution is better for answers that take one line, but when the answers takes two or three, longer words are going to expand the column widths and when there are shorter words in the other rows there’s gap, I’ll attach a picture of what I have now, (it’s an improvement) and a picture of what I want it to look. .


My app

So basically I would be making every row fit content width to their columns independently of the others rows, is that possible?

I fixed that with Masonry grid + Cell’s container layout = Row + Scroll direction = Wrapped Horizontally

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