How to make transaction between user accounts

how to create a transaction between user accounts in

Does anyone have any idea how to do this?


Hi, can you elaborate on what you mean by transaction? Do you mean payments between buyers/sellers?


hi, transaction between accounts where 1 user can receive points from other users as if it were credit. and so I could see transactions between accounts to either donate my points or receive points. Would you help me.

Sure, try this:

  1. Add a data field to the user data type, something like pointsCount (number).

  2. When a user sends points, you would make changes to the user (workflow) to minus the amount of points they selected. You would also make changes to the user that is on the receiving end, so they would update their count (pointsCount = (user’s) pointsCounts + (points))

  3. If you want to see transactions between people in an admin panel, I’d recommend adding a new data type, Transactions. Every time a user sends points, in the same workflow as above, you’d create a new thing (transaction), and take note of the user receiving, sending, point totals, and whatever else.

Try that out,

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thanks for your comment I believe it will work.

hi, I’m also having the same problem and I can’t

Hi, did you get it? if yes could you help me too?