How to manage manual login alongside oauth

Hi all,

I have a two-sided marketplace app, which is working well apart from a few bugs.

I have set up Google oauth successfully to provide ease and minimal security for users. Obviously I only have a limited number of personal/business Google credentials to use. I can’t create enough listings this way to test/demonstrate the app with users.

Usually I would just solve this by etc. I’ve retained a manual login to allow me to populate test accounts with my own information.

But logging in through Google oauth in developer preview ends up with the app populated with the user data from the previous session. This means I can’t test the app for realistic behaviour on either the consumer or business side.

Can manual login and Google oauth coexist at all in an app? And if they can, what do I need to do to manage this?

[I accidentally asked this in ‘Questions’ and there’s no way to delete and repost.]