How to manage speed after a Stripe "pay now" click


I have a button that triggers a Stripe payment popup and is within a workflow that takes 13 seconds from clicking “pay now”

To seeing that the card has been charged:

A few questions:

  1. Is this just how long it takes for Stripe to process the card?
    1b. If yes, is there a better way to indicate things are happening? The progress bar up at the top of the browser is tiny and can be missed.

  2. If it’s not Stripe that’s taking so long and is instead my monster list of actions that are triggered after a successful payment has been made, would you say putting most/many of them an API workflow makes more sense? What’s the best practice around using an API workflow vs a workflow on the page?

Thanks all!


Stripe generally doesn’t take that long to process a payment, it seems to do something with your workflow actions. Can you split some of the steps conditionally? If not, you could create a feedback mechanism for the user and move away from the payment screen so that the user can get a better experience. API workflows are generally useful if you were to a bunch of things or use external parameters. I generally follow a rule that if an action can be achieved through a workflow, the API is best avoided.

Hope this helps.



Hi Anil,

I don’t think I can split the steps conditionally, unfortunately.

Can you explain this?

I’m in! I just don’t follow how it would work.


Hi Jen,

I meant taking the user to another screen in the interim. Maybe showing that the payment is getting processed using an icon and some simple text, and including a small slider with say 3 images explaining benefits they have just unlocked by making the payment. This keeps the user engaged and ensures that you prevent the user from clicking anywhere unintended, while the payment is processed.

Hope this is clearer.



Ah! Yes, I see what you mean.


Maybe some of the steps can be done beforehand, like creating rows? Then have a small number of status updates once payment is successful. If unsuccessful, some of the rows can be cleaned up by a background process (API workflow).

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