How to manipulate data from database and perform calculations

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I’m trying to install a calculator in my mobile application, which gives me a certain score based on values in the database.

Specifically, I would like to enter demographic data on a specific page which stores the data in the database.
On another page I want to retrieve the data stored in the database and assign the values to a point scale, sum them up and then output the point value - similar to this page:

Does anyone here have experience with this?

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You can create option set for each options and define values for the corresponding options as attributes. You can calculate the value in the workflow.

Hi @kazimdgoni ,

thanks a lot for your reply! I created an option set for age and defined the age ranges with different attributes (see attached screenshot).

Have I done this correctly?
Now I don’t quite understand how to link these option sets with the age and the respective points?

Thanks a lot for your help!

I think your options organization is not right. I have build a sample one for you. Here are the screenshots. Along with calculation




You can follow this for the rest of options. Hope this helps.

Hello @kazimdgoni

first of all many many thanks for your efforts!
I could now reproduce this and that worked great, thanks!
I still have one question.
In my form I enter the patient age as “free text” or “free values”.
Unfortunately, I could not find on option for this in the option sets.
Can I also define in an input field that numbers between 50-59 get e.g. 18 points? Or do I have to do this via dropdown menu?

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You are most welcome.

Hi, I think I am not understanding this. Can you please be a little more descriptive.

And since the above solution solve the problem can you please mark it as solved for others with similar problems, to make it a solution for them.

Hi @kazimdgoni ,

thank you for your reply.
Instead of choosing the numer (age) from a drop-down value, I would like to type the age inside a field. According to this number I would like to define the points of the score.
See screenshot below.

CleanShot 2023-02-22 at 13.24.02

Thank you very much for your patience!


I found a workaround. Here are the screenshots below. See if it works for you.



This worked perfectly @kazimdgoni !
Thanks a lot for your effort in helping me with my issue!

You have done it! :+1:
Good luck to your Bubble journey :heart:

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