How to match a list of things with 2 different groups?

Hi guys

For context I am building a training app, I want to match an option set (focused body parts) that is shared between both data types, and seem like I cannot get this to work, does anyone know why? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi there, @enbitious… assuming your expression is correct so far (and there is no way for anyone to know that, of course), try adding :count > 0 to the end of the expression to filter to items that have at least one match.

Hope this helps.


Hey there, it worked, Thanks! However in my case I kind of need everything from both list to exactly match, is there anyway to do that?

Check to see if the count of the intersect is equal to the count of the number of items in the first list.

I did something like this however seem like it is not exactly matching, workouts that have the same number of focused body parts is showing, even if the 2 body parts from these 2 different data type is different (ex. chest and tricep still matches with chest and back in this case)

Hmm, I’m not sure how that could be the case because the count of the intersect would be 1, and that count is not the same as the count of the number of items in the first list (which is 2, of course). I must be missing something here.

I figured it out, it was some database problem, my bad :sweat_smile: Thank you so much for the help!

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