How to mention users

Has anyone found a way to tag / mention users other than the BDK Text Editor tool? The BDK tool is glitchy in our app and building the feature without a plugin is preferred.

This is by far the best option out there, but I’m not sure if its the one you’ve already tried?


Here is the forum post that explains it: [NEW PLUGIN] Tagger


Thanks for the suggestion!

I tried that one too but I couldn’t get multiple mentions to work. I’ll give it another go.

I believe it’s definitely possible - @gaurav is better positioned to advise on that

Hey @telaholcomb,
Not sure if this is related to the $ tag mentioned in your post in other thread but responded on that one

Would also be very interested in some good solutions - have been trying out but didn’t find a sleek / light solution to mention within a text. The Tagger plugin is outdated / not developed further and the BDK tool would be great but is too buggy and heavy (long loading time).

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