How to monitor data from an internal tool to a Bubble app?

I’m helping a company that created an internal tool and wants to create an alert system for it in Bubble

The internal system is for internal operation managers in the company, the Bubble app supposed to monitor when a new ticket is created and someone hasn’t took care of it for more than 10 minutes. When this happens the Bubble app supposed to send the manager an alert

My question is how can I use an API to constantly look at the data of the internal system?

How would you go about to implement this?


@stavchark, use a backend workflow which calls an API to retrieve the tickets from the internal system. One of the steps in this workflow will be to schedule itself to run again after a couple of minutes.

Other options might also be possible:

  1. Create some kind of trigger on the internal operation system to push newly created tickets to Bubble using an API.

  2. Have the internal system send an email to an address Postmark/Mailjet is configured to receive. Configure Postmark/Mailjet to send the mail contents to API on the Bubble side.

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Gerbert de Langen
MVP Design