How to move data from one Reusable group to another

I have an element that serves as a search box for users - and this is a reusable element of it’s own . I then have a repeating group that is also it’s own reusable element.

When users enter a value into the search box, I need the repeating group to filter items based on the value put into the search box.

Right now, when I try to set the Data source for the repeating group, I try to set it as “Search for items whose names include the value in the search box.” But, right now, I don’t see the search box as an option for the data source for the Repeating Group. I know it works when I insert the search box into the reusable element, but I cannot do that for UI/UX reasons.


Use a custom state of type text in the reusable element that can be seen from the outside and the inside.

Thanks! How do I allow it to be seen from outside of the element? I can’t do a search for another element’s state.


Difficult to provide suggestions as it is not clear what your context is.

Perhaps a share of your editor and a more elaborate explanation including dB structure could help.

Folks could then provide better suggestions

Okay - I have reusable element A, a search box - which is a reusable group.
I then have reusable element B, a repeating group which contains song titles.

When a user puts a value in element A, they are searching for a song title. When the user does this search, the state of element A becomes the song title that they are searching for.

I then want element B, (the repeating group)'s data source to be filtered based on the state of element A.


User inputs “walk” in element A (the search box)
The state of element A is now “walk”

Element B (the repeating group) now has a data source of Search for Songs: Filtered (Filter = this song’s title contains Element A’s state, which in this instance is “walk”)

Songs might get returned like “walking on sunshine” or “walk this way” or “Walk of life”

Does this make sense?

why don’t you just put the RG in RE B inside a group within RE B, and then put RE A inside RE B?

The orchestra and satellite plugins are what you want

I’ve used a combination of the two to have repeating groups that are inside of reusable elements communicate with other repeating groups inside other reusable elements.

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