How to only display repeating group cell's value if button is clicked?

Hello, I’m not quite sure how to word the problem I have, but I’ll do my best! Please point me in the right direction if this solution exists (as I’m sure it does).

Here’s the situation: I’m building a product pricing calculator for my company so that customers can figure out their own pricing on some of our more complicated control panels. I have several areas that use radio buttons to select one of X options, but I also have a repeating group with buttons which are all additional options that can be added. When a button is clicked, I want it’s code and price to show up under “Price”. Plus, as options are selected, I need the radio button values and the button values to be added up and display by “Total Cost”. I also need to display the code value for each option at the top under “Model Number” so customers can give that to us when they’re ready to order.

The problem is this: How can I make the Code and Cost data values for the buttons that are selected show up in the “Price” group? And how can I add these values with the radio buttons to get the total price? I tried using checkboxes and I couldn’t even select them so I switched to buttons.

Below is are the radio buttons, Price, and Model Number groups

Below is the repeating group with buttons for additional options

Here’s what the app looks like in preview

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