How to open app info from BDK Native?

So I am in a scenario where I am sending push notifications to my users in app. When they allow the permission they get notification but if they do not allow acces, I want the app to open app settings so they can enable notification but I can not find any help regarding this.


I want to open this screen.

Maybe that could help for iOS

I think this can only be implemented in Objective C and swift as mentioned in implementation examples. Can this be done via JS in bubble’s environment as well?

If you use BDK Native, check out this link, Step 12

I’ve done it to the settings app on iOS a while ago

This seems really helpful as it can open the desired screen. (I will update the results after trying this)

but I am still confused about how will I know in my bubble app if a user has granted notification access and if he has’nt granted so I have to navigate the user to the appinfo page.

Maybe you can retrieve that information from OneSignal with the “Player ID” - Check out the elements you can retrieve on the previous link, step 2 (AppInfo)

I was able to implement the appinfo functionalty for IOS but I can’t seem to find the URL SCHEME for android. I setup a workflow on a button with action BN-OPEN LINK and provided this “app-settings:” and it worked on IOS.

Glad it worked !

Try googling your needs - ex : first result might help or lead to something

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I have been trying solutions for past 2 hours but nothing worked till now. Most of the example I am getting is in JAVA or KOTLIN. The web a href methods and others are also not working.