How to "Opt In" non-users

One feature of my app allows users to send email notifications to 3rd-party “non-users” so the “non-users” can submit a progress update about a specific Thing. Right now, I have a SendGrid template that gets emailed to those 3rd-party people which contains a button referencing a specific “one-time-use” URL where they can submit their update. My concern is since these “non-users” are not creating accounts, opting in, and logging in, email deliverability issues could increase. So, I’m wondering how to prevent this. One more thing…when a user adds a 3rd-party to the system, a “Welcome” email gets sent to the “non-user” just letting them know they will be receiving more emails in the future.

Should I create some kind of “opt-in” workflow for the “non-users” where they accept receiving emails from us? What does a workflow even look like for something like this? Thanks in advance everyone.


Email deliverability has more nuances that an emailing platform like Sendgrid faces than what you would be able to add to those.

Signing-in accounts for the sake of having them inside your dB will not affect anything positively about how the recipient email platforms treat Sendgrid originated emails.

I guess what you are describing is that you could have those folks undergo a two-step signup and that way you can reduce the chances of “ghost” emailing that will surely penalize Sendgrid … and Sendgrid “penalize” you.

An opt-in approach is about the only way you can reduce your chances of having Sendgrid take the “heat” and thus bringing “heat” to you by means of low deliverability rates.

And those folks may not want to do that … would they?

My two cents…

Are you suggesting they sign up for an account(username/password) like other users…but their “user account” would only be limited to submitting updates?

The “user” pay for the product and it would be up to them to make sure their 3rd party users sign up. I’m sure they won’t be too excited about another sign up/username and password.

Use Postmark instead - you won’t have any deliverability issues :wink:

I’ve been reading that. How does one go about making templates without HTML experience? Can I copy my templates from Sendgrid? Hire someone?

  1. Get the Postmark plugin by Vini
  2. Use a free online email template creator and copy/paste the HTML into the plugin. I use Stripo - also integrates to Postmark so you can push 4 templates a month to Postmark on their free plan - I find if I have buttons then they come out better if I push to Postmark and copy/paste the html from Postmark. But if no buttons then copy/pasting straight from Stripo works great.

I had no end of trouble with SendGrid and my app relies heavily on transactional emails. Switched to Postmark when I was still fairly new to Bubble and felt like the process was fairly easy. I’ve had zero problems since, and my emails look :ok_hand:

Hey there @bakercito,

Regarding to Postmark and moving from Sendgrid:

You can use the API connector or the Postmark Plugin as @equibodyapp suggested (I personally use the API connector), then in your Sendgrid templates if you go in and edit it there is an “Export HTML” button at the bottom where it exports the HTML code you can copy into Postmark.

For me, I make all my email templates in Mailchimp, then export and edit the code a little to use in Postmark for my emails.

Postmark has worked amazingly since I switched.

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If you use Postmark, you can use their “Broadcasts” feature to allow them to opt out of emails. But I do recommend creating message streams for each org or whoever is sending the emails, so that when someone unsubscribes it doesn’t unsubscribe from your whole platform. I’d also implement a way for people to resub after they’ve unsubbed.

This would require the use of Postmark’s API using the Bubble API connector.

Thanks for this @equibodyapp. I’ll probably give it a try. Do you use a dedicated IP?

Thanks @johnny, I’ll have to give the html export a try. Do you use a dedicated IP with Postmark?

Nope - just the stock standard Postmark settings :slight_smile:

Nope, just the normal $10 plan works for me!

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