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How to pass a list of Things to a reusable element

Hello again,

RE = reusable element
RG = reusable group

I have an element showing a list Things used on several pages. The data source differs (sometimes filtering the Things by some criteria) but the elements are always the same, therefore I would like to make it reusable.

On the RE properties “Type of Content” I do not see a way to select a list of Things, I can only select a Thing.

As a workaround I could skip this “Type of Content” property and instead “Do a search for” on the RG used within this RE, and pass some attributes to the RE that would be used in this search (to filter the results) but :

    1. I do not see how to pass text parameters to this RE
    1. I thought it would be easier if I could just pass a list of Things to the RG

I did search the doc and the forums but could not find an answer to this problem…

It’s been a long time since this question was published but I got into the same problem and found a solution that worked for me. In case it helps anyone else, I share it here.

The solution was to define a custom state in the reusable element. A custom state allows you to store a list of Things. To fill up the custom state with the desired data, I’ve added a “Set state of an element” workflow action in those pages where I use the reusable element.