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How to pass an object just created by (create a new thing) to a page that displays it?

I create a thing “OrgGroup” based on the values submitted by the user in a form. After the user clicks/submits the form, i want to show a second page with data from what was entered in the previous page. Since i have the created “OrgGroup” in the first form page, i want the to pass it to the second page (with type of content set as “orgGroup”). How should i pass a handle/pointer/link from the first form page to the second page where it needs to be displayed?


I must have dig a bit more before asking the forum. Anyways, now that i have asked, here it is for any newbie like me…

All i needed to do to pass the object created, was to mention in the workflow . There is an option to pass the result of any step as input to a link. (cool).

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