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How to pass parameters while scheduling an API call in workflow

Am saving data from first API and wants to call another API during an onclick operation on first API data, in the workflow when am scheduling an API call am not able to figure out how to send parameter(Name and Email collected from first API) for second API call even after editing backend workflow , please help me in solving this asap.

Create manual parameters of type text in the second api flow for each of the needed fields

Already done that, made two parameters Name and Email of type string manually, both the API’s are working fine individually (already checked on postman) but while calling second API during an onclick opeartion on data of first API , its not reaching backend (not able to pass parameter for second API call while scheduling an API workflow in custom events).

Are you storing the first API’s response data on your DB?
How are you passing the first API’s data to the second API?
This might be where the data gets lost.

I’d recommend storing the first API’s response data in an element’s custom state. Then when someone clicks on it, the second API’s request is passed this element’s state as the request data.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Am initialising call for first API named “API Call” and getting Name, Email and other details

, after previewing and setting a display for name am getting this

now i want when i clicks on any name, there should be a backend API call in which Name and Email of same person should be passed and through second API i wants to download person bio-data in pdf format

this is my second API named “Download”
am getting these option for actions when a person name is clicked

in schedule an API workflow am setting up required details and date as current date, but when a person name is clicked instead of sending Name and Email, it sends two empty string in backend.

Instead of schedule API workflow, check if your API call appears under ‘plugins’
Then you could directly call it from there.

Actually, there are more than 50’000 pdfs to be extracted, a direct call will initialise call for all 50’000 pdfs which will become challenging to handle to store, instead of it if i can schedule an API call in backend and pass Name and Email to second API, i’ll be downloading pdf for that person only which is clicked it will be efficient and no need to store all pdf files, is there any solution for it?

someone please reply asap, its very urgent!!