How to perform nested forloops in bubble?

How do i perform something like this in bubble:

# Array of lists, each list contains a few names of different sizes
names = [
    ["Alice", "Bob", "Charlie"],
    ["David", "Eva"],
    ["Frank", "Grace", "Hannah", "Ian"]

# Loop through each list in the array
for name_list in names:
    print("New list of names:")
    # Loop through each name in the current list
    for name in name_list:
    print()  # Print a newline for better readability

currently, I am able to send email to the first loop, [“Alice”, “Bob”, “Charlie”], but am not sure how to go to the next array item.

The reason I need to have nested for loops is, I have one database called meetings, which stores the information of all meetings. I then have a database of attendees that stores the information of attendees, they are linked by the meetings uniqueId. which the attendees have a meetingID associated with the unique meetingID of the meetings database.