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How to place a botton dynamically according to other elements of the page that can be of different sizes


I would like to place a button after a text element which is filled with informations of the customer.

so I would like that the size of this texte element correspond of the amount of information written by the customer.

First problem: How is it possible de create a text element that adapt it size to the content that the user write inside.

And bellow that I would like to place a button which can stay under this text element (by a distance of 20px for example)

So at the end the place of the button will depend of the quantity of information written by the customer.

But when I go the option of the button, i can’t choose dynamic placement in the X and Y

I hope my explanations of my problems are clear.

Sorry if there is already a respond for this kind of topic but i could not find it.

Thanks for the help

Best regards


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