How to prefill table with large dataset

Hiya! I am building an app that will list jobs that people can apply to (so there is a table with every row having a certain set of details like company name, link to site, etc).

While I have a popup that allows people to add to the table, I would like to prepopulate the table for every new user with a lot of data (probably 150+ rows).

So whenever a new user signs up, they’ll see there are already 150 jobs listed and can add or delete as they like.

How would I go about doing that?

You can do it, with UPLOAD from database tab, using a CSV list of those job

follow this video:

if you still get stuck, i would love to do it for you, :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you! Follow up, how do I make sure that this will apply to all users? (so everyone can see the whole 150 list? Like what are the privacy settings I would use for that?

As i guess, you have a JOB database entity with field. now how your user are going to see you job listing, i guess its public , every user can see the list of job you have in database.

In this case you have to do nothing, or is there any restriction on what user see in job search ?

So I’m having a problem where if I make it all public, then all users can see what every user adds to the table. I want every user to start off with a certain number of prefilled jobs, but then everything they do to that table (add, delete, edit) to be only seen by them. Does that make sense?

By user you mean ( COMPANY’s right) . like company can upload job, and can edit them.

yah these job you upload with bubble editor, can be visible to all but no one can edit them ( you can make it so some company can edit them, that not what you want). Now other job which a company can post, can esily edit it, as that company is the creator of that job.

Sorry if i am confusing you, actually i am not getting your Reasons here.

Ah no, sorry let me clarify.

So my Users are students looking for jobs. This application allows them to track all the jobs they want to apply to. See screenshot below.

I basically want to start off their table with some prepopulated rows of jobs. Then they can add and remove jobs as they like. That’s my problem. I don’t know how to approach that. I figured out how they could add to the table and how to make sure that is private to just the user, but I dont know how to a) prepopulate the table for every user and b) make their changes apply only to their account.

Once you upload the 150 jobs, there are many ways you can do it.

One way i think of , is on student end when you are searching jobs on students added to its list. Also add another do search on jobs which you upload merge both search.

This is temporary way show student on jobs.

If its ok, are free so we have a call and i understand your position better and help you out.