How to preload sample data?

Hey friends!

I’m trying to figure out how to pre-load sample data in my app for all users when they initially create an account.

For example, imagine that I have a table of “subscriptions” (excel style). I would want the first row of that table to be pre-loaded with “Netflix” and “$13.99” so that users would have an example to go off of.

Right now, this is how my database is set up:

Data Type: Subscription
-Field 1: Name
-Field 2: Cost

I have a repeating group that searches for subscriptions and is constrained by “created by current user”.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

You could add a conditional data source to the repeating group with the subscriptions.
It may look like this: when current user subscriptions count is 0 → data source: do search for subscriptions first item. In the conditional data source you search for the Netflix subscription you want to pre-populate.

Sergii Shpak
Bubble Developer