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How to prevent a DropArea with a Repeating Group from collapsing

Hey everyone,

After trying about every variation I could think of to solve this, I finally came across a simple work-around. Please let me know if there is a more “proper” way to handle this! Also, if this was already explained on the forums then I definitely overlooked it because I couldn’t find any advice on this so I thought I’d write a how-to.

The Problem
If you have a Repeating Group (RG) inside of a DropArea (DA) and set the Layout style of the RG to “Full list” but the RG has nothing to show (such as when a “Do a search for…” has no results), the DA that contains the RG will collapse. This makes it kind of hard to drag items onto the DA!

The Solution
Create an empty group with nothing inside of it within the DropArea. That’s it! This prevents the DA from collapsing vertically smaller from how you designed it when the RG has nothing to show. You can even move the empty group to the back so it doesn’t get in your way and it will have the same effect.

Thank you so much to all of you who post on these forums on a regular basis - you’re a wellspring of knowledge! I’ve been chipping away at my first Bubble web app and I couldn’t find the answer to this problem I was having here on the forums so I thought I’d contribute my tip!


Your solution is fine. Another way is to have two drop areas. One that encapsulates the RG and another for the empty state.

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