How to prevent App from Caching

my app typically uses around 400 MB of memory on a fresh load.

(That in and of itself is pretty shitty for optimization)

With that being said, on every page reload, the app adds on about 150mbs more of Memory, so it jumps from 450 to 600, and then 600 to 750 and keeps going until it hovers around 900 MB.

Forgive me if I’m understanding things wrong, but how exactly is this helping out my app?

My phone just gets hotter and hotter, and desktops are using more resources.

Is there any way to effectively fix this?

I might rephrase and post a separate thread but the root issue i’m trying to solve is that iOS will sometimes force refresh the app, randomly. I suspect that this happens when the browser feels like i’m using too many resources, and it just can’t take it anymore.

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