How to prevent field from becoming active on element open?


I have an account settings popup where user can set their account info.

The problem is - once the popup is open - the first field (First Name) is automatically becoming active. It’s really messing it up on mobile, because the keyboard pops up, and autofil starts to triggering.

This is a field that users have to setup once or skip it altogether, so absolutely no need for this field to be active at all times, but I can’t figure out how to prevent it.

Any advice?

I had the same issue and found an inelegant but functional workaround in the forum:

Place a dummy input element (eg, a checkbox) at the top of your popup and bury/hide it. You can make it 1px by 1px for good measure. Because Bubble auto-focuses what it identifies as the “first” input in a popup, this checkbox will take the focus on load.

I don’t really like this solution, but it works. I worry for Future Me when I’m debugging and have totally forgotten about the hidden 1px checkbox.

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@mrkoyen oh, you are the best! That did it!

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