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How to prevent horizontal scrolling in Native apps

Creating a log in screen for my app. I have created a group that consists of the login necessities but it seems that no matter what I change the width of the app to, it allows horizontal scrolling. I do not want horizantal scrolling.

I’m a noob, so I may just be doing something wrong.

Are you building a mobile app? Double check that there are no elements outside of the page borders. Sometimes you find elements that exist out side the page borders this will cause the horizontal scroll bar to appear

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Hi @ali.farahat, thanks for responding. I am building a mobile app and I currently only have the login workflow done. I have everything in one group and nothing outside of the page border. The preset page width is on mobile (380 x 640). Changing this page width doesn’t seem to fix anything. I do notice that when I switch to a native app I am not able to see/edit/move the top border of the page. Could that be an issue or is that normal?

It scrolls horizontally on my iPhone 5s, then when I test with a friend’s iPhone 6 the app only scrolls vertically.

Once you make it far enough into the process of creating a native app, you’ll be able to fix this by changing the “container” that displays your app. While the Bubble Account app is a good tool to test features, if you want to test dimensions, I would suggest testing your app in a web browser until you are ready for the next step.

Check out this topic: Native App Dimensions


Got it thanks!