How to process data on the backend

I’m having a hard time building a report that is basically the core of my app.

While the data volume was small I managed to make it using ListShifter, but now that things got a little bigger it is not working well (taking too long to process, generating bugs, crashing the app while processing, etc…)

My idea was to change all the processing to the backend of the app, and later allowing the user to access the final report.

Is there any genius that could help me putting some light on the problem or maybe working on that for me?
Otherwise I think I’ll need to find a solution outside bubble :cry:

Thanks !!!

Providing some extra info…

I have the following data types:

Supply (Name, Description, Price)
Recipe_Item (Supply, Quantity)
Recipes (List of Recipe_Items)
*Schedule(List of Recipes, Multiplier,Date)

My report would take a period as an input (from Date 1 to Date 2) and generate a list of supplies/quantities in a shopping list by:

  • filtering the schedules in that period
  • multiplying the quantities for each item in each recipe by the multiplier
  • agreggating the items by supply summing the quantities
  • creating a shopping list consisting in other data types (Shopping list items and Shopping List)

Shopping List Items (Supply, Quantity)
Shopping List (List of Shopping List Item, Generation Date, Initial Date, Final Date)