How to properly associate things with their creator

Hi there! I’m trying to associate things in my database with their creator, so I can display a list of created things on the user’s account page. To keep this solution beneficial for future readers, I’ll use a generic example of blog posts.

When a user creates a new blog post, I have a workflow that creates the “Post” data type in my database. The next step is it creates a “Post-Categories” data type that contains the category information for the post.

I was thinking the best way to store “Created-Posts” would be in a separate data type, linked to the main User data type.

However, in my workflow, when I try to add another step, modifying a thing, and I select the Created-Posts data type, I get an error message like this:


How do you set this up? What am I doing wrong?


Morning @zimtastic

can i see your data base structure please ? i want to see how you link created post with user in your database


When you create a new “post” with your workflow be sure that you link to the current user like “creator = current user”
Then you have your new post created by the current user

in your user datatype, you can set a “post” field which type will be a “list of post”

Then after created a new post you can set an action in your workflow which can be :
Make change to current user, thing to change will be “post add result of step one”

That’s one way to do it @zimtastic