How to Publish the repeating group content manually?

Hi, everybody. I’m new to Bubble. And I have a question that’s been on my mind for three days now.

How to organize the mechanics of “publishing” properly and best?

I have an admin part of the service - in it the admin creates an arbitrary number of cards in a repeating group. A card can have different states (position, visibility, etc.) - all these states can be changed by the admin in the admin.

Then he clicks the Publish button and a client page is created (updated), which shows in another repeating group everything that the admin has done and where the client can come.

I managed to make such a publication of cards, but here is the problem where I am stuck for three days.

The card on the admin side has a toggle to turn the card display on or off. When I click it, I change the value in the Visibility field in the database from yes to no. And I don’t want the card on the client side to immediately disappear! Now by the conditions the card element checks the value of the field and is hidden/shown depending on it. I want this to happen on the client side only after the admin clicks Publish.

For publishing I use a boolean variable (when clicking Publish I change the value of the variable on the client’s page, and on this event I load the sheet into the repeating group).

Help me to organize this mechanics of publishing correctly.

You are probably using an event on your workflow tab to change the visibility of the card when this toggle changes. This will update the database and inevitably, the changes will be shown to the client.

Delete this workflow and use the action “Make changes to thing” when the Publish button is pressed, changing the visibility of the card to the toggle A selection.

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I’m not sure I understand the mechanics of how to do this at the Publish point exactly.

I can have any number of cards, let’s say I have A B C D cards.

For cards B and D I set the toggle to off.

How can I set the toggle to Off for these two cards at the moment of publishing? I understand the logic of the process, but I can’t figure out how I can customize the action so that each card in the RG list can rely on the toggle value.

ps: as I read - I cant get an access to RG elements if I do actions with outsided elements (Publish button is global, and toggle button is inside of cards)