How to put a list of "Name X Qty" in a text


I want it to make it like,
RepeatingGroup shopping’s List of eat8home-order:each item’s product’s name :append “*” :append each item’s product’s Qty

so the result can be like this:
Noddle * 45 , Cup * 90 , Fork * 88

You should do RepeatingGroup shopping’s List of eat8home-order:format as text The content will be This whatever's Product's Name * This whatever's Product's Quantity and the delimiter will be a ,.

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Instead of having the repeating group type be a text, you can also set the type to be “eat8home-order”.

Then in your text element within the repeating group, set the display to be:
“Arbitrary Text”. Within the Arbitrary Text, add the following:

  • Dynamic value: “Current Cells product name”
  • The asterisk (add a space before and after)
  • Dynamic value: “Current Cells product Qty”
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