How to put total score of quiz at the bottom?

I’ve been trying to figure this out, but am at a loss. Just want the bottom to say “You got x out of 10 correct”.

I know it should be super simple, but I have tried for hours and can’t figure it out…

You could have a disabled input (and the content format set as “integer”) at the bottom and add the value “+1” every time the user press the button for the correct answer.

Create a custom state (numeric) on the page, and default it to zero.

Every time you get one right, add 1 to it.

Set the x to be the custom state.

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Sorry, forgot to say that

Appreciate the help guys, but I feel really dumb right now. Can you walk me through exactly what to press? How do I create a custom state on the page and default it to zero?



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I got that to work! You guys are lifesavers!

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@NigelG Here’s the cherry on top! How do you then stop the user clicking the button several times and thus increasing their score? I’ve spent hours looking for a ‘1 time only’ function.

Much appreciated!

The simplest way is to disable the button as the first action in the workflow. Then, the button won’t work again, preventing the user from spamming for points.

Thanks for the reply @andrewgassen - that’s exactly what I want to do, but don’t know how! Is there a straightforward way to disable a button?

I’ve tried changing its state from yes/no but it doesn’t stop the repeating issue!

You can either hide the button by toggling its visibility, or you can set a custom state on the button that sets its “this element is clickable” to no.

Thanks for the suggestions: Done both of those :slight_smile:

First one, I’d like to keep the button visible. And the second one I’ve tried but it makes the button unclickable in the first place for some reason!

Can you share a screenshot of how you set it up?

Hey - hopefully this shows you roughly what I’m going for!