How to put workflows on interest choice field like in tiktok app, and users could select maximum 5 things at a time?

I am trying to build an application like tiktok in bubble io, and want to offer some interest categories from where users can select maximum 5 things at a time and also the color of selected items will be change after clicking on it. Please tell me how could I achieve this functionality in

Hey, I’d recommend you learn about option sets and custom states first. That will give you a better understanding about what you want to achieve.

What I would do is:

Create option sets for all categories (you can group categories as well.)
Display those option sets in a RG. When user clicks, run a workflow to save what they selected in a custom state.

At the end you can then make a call to the DB to save what they selected.

I know it’s a bit complex, but if you read up on custom states and options set, it will help you.