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How to query, store and & display distances between markers using Googles APIs?

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’ve imported my dataset called Rental_Listings, which has the geographic address, image, and a few other data points per listing.

My goal is to get the proximity of all the rental_listings to a marker I’ve placed on the map. The marker, when searched and placed by me, is stored in a separate database called Locations. Locations only has the geographic address, but I have difficulty getting the lat/lng for them also.

I think this needs to be done by generating the latitude and longitude first, and then handing that information over to Googles Distance Analytics function, and then storing the distances based on a unique identifier (and/or Address). Would I need a separate db for this?

I am pretty uncertain about how to set up the logic for this to work, any advice would be much appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile: