How to queue API events when they are triggered in a row?


We have a use case in the app where the user can trigger as many API events in a row as he/she wants to. If the user triggers 10+ API events in a row the app becomes overloaded.

Here is a video: On the video every time a task is marked as “Done”, the recurring event is scheduled to create a new task.

Since a single user achieves this, I wonder what happens when we have 1000 users doing this at the same time.

P. S. We already had a similar problem in another app’s use case and managed to develop a process synchronizer. Any time an API should be triggered we create a row in the “Process synchronizer” table and then run each process one by one with delays between each sequentially so that nothing breaks. We spent around a month implementing it so I was wondering if anyone knows a more efficient approach.

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