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How to randomise the order of the products list which is made by repeating group

*I apologies that the title is hard to understand…
I don’t know how to explain it due to my English skill.

Could you tell me how to randomise the order on the certain situiation.

・On the repeating group, I’m using “do search for” to make the list of our products.
・The products has points to prioritise the order of the products list.
・The order of the products list is sorted by the points of the products.
・I want to randomise the order of products, only if they have the same number of points.

1: ProductA (10points)
2: ProductB (9points)
3: ProductC (9points)
4:ProductD (8points)
*I want to randamise the order of ProductB/C.

Use the Sort by feature in the repeating groups -

Select the column you want to sort out.

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