How to rate/upvote multiple characteristics, then search/filter for thing high in that characteristic?

There are ways to rate a product overall (5 stars), but how do you rate a few of several possible characteristics of a product, then show highly upvoted/rated characteristics of that product, or find products high in a characteristic? In my example, it’s perfume. A perfume can have 20 possible characteristics (gentle or loud; clean or dirty; etc.). I’m trying to let users rate some of these possible characteristics and use that input later. What I’m doing isn’t working.

I’ve created field for the product that I call characterist-score of type number. Every time someone clicks on a button for that characteristic, it adds +1 to the score.

This works, but now I want to show the fields with the highest scores, and I can’t. Repeating groups work for showing different products and I could filter products by some attribute, but I want to show highly-rated attributes of this product.
To make things even more complicated, beyond the 20 characteristics people can say yes/no to, I want them to pick 3 aromas from a list of 100+ that I’ve divided into option sets by group. I would think I can use the same rating system for characteristics as I do for aromas.

Thank you!

There’s a couple things I think you’re going to need to modify with your approach but just for started I highly recommend not storing a list of numbers on your score fields as a way to generate the score on the fly (say, by summing them up). As lists begin to grow (say if the average size of these lists is 30 items) you will begin felling your page loads slow (and see your WU rise) to display these.

So instead of storing those lists on you score field, instead simply add or subtract 1 (or however it is you change the score) directly on the score field. Of course, you’ll probably have to build some way of not allowing someone to add or subtract more than once per fragrance per score-dimension.

I’m thinking you also may have a component of eventually wanting to sort by option set (I can’t tell) so just letting you know - I was surprised myself when I learned this - it is not possible to sort search results by options sets using native Bubble search.