How To Re-Use a screen with different text/variables


I’m new to the world of web design, but I have a particular task that I’m trying to accomplish.

Full disclosure: I have significant experience in the world of C programming and microcontrollers, virtually none in web design.

I have a customer that would like to transpose (for lack of a better word) a product that we have designed that uses a microcontroller and LCD display onto the internet. They would like to simulate the operation of the product in a web browser. In today’s COVID world and lockdowns, I understand where they are coming from.

The product that they would like to move over has 15-20 different types of screens, but probably 100 to 200 individual pages if each was taken on their own. How we handled this in C was to create a structure that would pass in the screen text, variables, button text, button destinations, etc. and feed this in to the screen all as the screen was being drawn.

Is there a similar concept to this in Bubble? I’d like to be able to draw one of each type of screen, define my structures separately and as the user navigates to different screens pass the destination screen a reference to a particular structure item and draw accordingly. Is this possible or do I have to create each individual screen?