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How to reach quicker (user/conversation) data [Live chat]

Having here a live chat (with two sides; Collective and Cone).

Collective is a live chat where all users can write in live chat, something like Youtube has as you listen a live radio.

Cone chat is more of a support chat with our “artificial” platform support.


Having those two conversations among (each day more and more) of other conversations - Collective and conversation with Cone, how to reach those two particular conversations without making each time a Search for the individual conversation?

(Data type needs to be conversation, as each created conversation (between users) is there, and we have separate “Chat” page where all the Users conversations are listed, whereas solution could be to create a separate filed in the Conversation data type something like; Collective chat and Cone chat (both of which being a list), and than making a very narrow search?)

Hey @conesult :wave:

Thanks for the post and interesting question! I apologize, but I’m not 100% sure I’m clear on the ask. Are you looking to more directly categorize the messages that are going into those conversations so you can separate them out from the other conversations happening on the platform?

If so, I might use an option set for something like ‘Conversation type’ where you dictate if the conversation is Collective, Cone or something else (whatever other conversation types you might have). That way, as you do your search, you can easily find the Collective conversation (type = collective) or the user’s Cone (type = Cone, creator = current user) or other messages (type ≠ cone, type ≠ collective, participants contains current user) or something along those lines.

Feel free to reach out to our team with more context around what you’re trying to do and we’d be happy to help get you pointed in the right direction or to some resources that might help. [email protected]

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