How to read and use XML data for repeating groups?

Hi, I’m not familiar with using XML. My app needs to search for particular data inside an XML file on the web, created by another company, and display the data in a repeating group:

  1. I want to search the XML for particular text strings.
  2. If the string is found, I want to display that and its related data in a repeating group’s cell.

Has anyone experience with this?

I also don’t know whether I should use a backend workflow to copy the XML file to Bubble (is this even possible?), say once per day, for speed purposes (I’m assuming this is faster).

Thanks for any help!

Generally speaking you’d make an api GET call to the .xml in question making sure your select XML and then simply display the content based on your need in the RG

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OK, I’ll check that out. It looked a lot harder based on the XML plugins I saw, which mentioned converting it to JSON for Bubble to read. Thanks :slight_smile:

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