How to read HTML using text DB with dynamic values

Hello my friends!

I would like your help with ideas to solve this situation.

I save the layout of certificates for courses and include references in them, but when saving as text in the DB and loading it, it loses this dynamic reference. When I make it explicit in the HTML object it works.


Yea because you’re just saving “Current Page’s Curriculo’s pessoa’s name” as just pure text in the database.

Put placeholders for the dynamic data like {{PessoaName}} and {{PessoaCurso}} before saving the HTML to your database, then in your screenshot

After the :first item's layout_certif_html do :find & replace and replace the name placeholder with the dynamic name from the page’s data, then do :find & replace again and replace the signature placeholder, and so on.

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My friend!
Thanks a lot for your help… it worked perfectly |o|

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