How to Receive Automatic Callback POST from External API

Hi all,

I’m working with the Riot tournament API which sends data automatically to a given URL via a POST request. I’m wondering how I would do this using Bubble. First, what URL would I use to capture the incoming requests? Additionally, how would I be able to “listen” and work with the incoming JSON data once it comes? Since the callback is sent automatically, I’m not able to initiate an API call of my own.

Thanks for the help!

You need to activate backend WF in settings and create a backend SF. Use detect request data. You will get ablink to initialize the endpoint. Set this in webhook and trigger it. Save data and remove /initialize in webhook url.


I’m working on something similar to this now, where I’m scraping data from a webpage and then scheduling the scraping.

The API documentation for the scraping tool says “the scheduled scraping results are sent to the Callback URL or custom callback url”.

I think your response @Jici resolves this, but I’m not entirely sure where the webhook comes into this? Would I need Zapier or something?

There’s a way in the API provider to tegister a webhook. You don’t need to use Zapier or something like that. Check documentation of the scraping tool to find where and how to register may be in a parameter of the request or settings in your account

Hello @Jici. In the above answer can you clarify what SF means.